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15.07.2017 Acidez vs. AntiBastard

ACIDEZ is a "Hardcore Punk" band from Guadalajara, Mexico, which started in 2003 playing the classic style of Street Punk, and Hardcore punk!
Against dogmatism, sexism,war, religion,bullying, fascism and all authority... In pro of liberty,justice and equality!! Hating the Rules loving the Beer

ANTIBASTARD are a Berlin based punk band formed in 2014.

We've shared the stage with the likes of Purgen, Moscow Death Brigade, Oi Polloi, Disturbance and Discharge.
Our first release, a split 7" with Oi Polloi in solidarity with Friedrichschain Hilft is out now from selected stores and distros (see shop).
All profits from this record will go to Friedrichschain Hilft who help refugees directly helping provide food, shelter and care.
Upcoming releases to look forward to include a Berlin Punk compilation out in early 2017, followed by our first full length LP later on in the year.

Our message is anti fascist, anarchistic and anti capitalist - delivered through high energy punk rock!

Racists, homophobes, nazis and cops can fuck off!!

See you in the pit!


The Dead President

Dienstag, 25. Juli um 20:00

The Dead President – Moscow Antifa Ska Core band was confirmed in October of 2009. Recorded and did 5 LP releases, the last LP “ Religions of world supremacy” released by English music label Horn & Hoof records in 2016. The Dead President played a lot of concerts in Russia with many punks and Oi bands as Stage Bottless, Pestpocken, Total Chaos, Acidez. Played in Europe 30 concerts during 3 years. At this moment band will prepare new songs and will do new split with there Russian Ska-Punk friend Arkadiy Koc band “National grave” and will going to there 4th European tour in July.

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