The Fiend - Dienstag, den19.5. im Exil

An diesem Dienstag spielt eine britische Punkrock-Legende im EXIL. Beginn ist pünktlich um 20.00 Uhr.
Wer nach Jazz in E mal andere gute Musik hören will, ist hier genau richtig.

THE FIEND (80's Hc Punk / UK)

Destruction Tour 2015

is a 80´s Hardcore Punk band from Newcastle/UK, formed in 1982.
They played shows all around Europe and shared the stage with other big bands like Angelic Upstarts, GBH, Discharge, Conflict, Amebix and many more. Their music is fast, aggressive, raw and has not changed in all the years. The latest release is called Greed Power Religion War and came out on Heedcase Records. They were also the first Hardcore Punk band in the north of England.

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